India Today conclave 2019: The interesting story of two friends, told by PM Modi. PM मोदी ने सुनाई दो दोस्तों की ये रोचक कहानी

PM Modi addressed INDIA TODAY Conclave 2019 on Saturday evening. In his address, he talked about all the important issues and questions of the country. During this, he also narrated an interesting story. PM Modi said that he had also told this story even when he came to India Today Conclave in 2013.

PM Modi said, “When I came here in 2013, I told the story of two friends. Once two friends go to the jungle. They kept a gun for their safety. After some walk away from the car, they left for a walk Their

The gun remained in the car. Then a lion came in front of you. Their condition worsened One of them took out the gun license and showed the lion, to show that he had a gun. When I first told this story, then that was the situation of the government of that time. ‘

He said, “Earlier the government made the act very well, but there was no action. But we changed the act into action. Anonymous property law was talked long ago, but it never came

Not just gone. Our government not only brought the law but also seized the bona fide assets of thousands of crores. In the same way, I saw that the Food Security Act, Congress had applied in only half-way manner in 11 states but we implemented it all over the country.

PM Modi said, “Today, we are building houses for the poor at the fastest pace, today we have increased the GDP growth at the fastest pace. Since 1991, in the last five years, we have witnessed the fastest inflation

Is deducted. Roads are being constructed at the fastest pace today. Creating houses for the poor at the fastest pace, FDI is coming at the fastest speed, the fastest pace of cleanliness is increasing, the fastest is our government’s lifeline.

Ayushmann has brought India’s plan for health for all, in which 50 crore Indians will benefit.

Under the Ujjwala scheme, we have given gas for millions of families, under the power for all, the plan to give electricity to every family is implemented. We are working with both Speed and Scale. Now it’s time to change completely.

PM Modi said, “Today’s India is a new India. Change is India. The blood of each young soldier is precious for us. What was the first thing that many people would be killed, but rarely

, But now no one can dare to show eye to India. Our government is committed to making every decision. Today India is going on a new tradition and policy now the whole world has started to understand India. Today the country is moving ahead with the confidence of 125 crore Indians. Due to this solidarity, there is a fear in anti-national people within and outside the country. The environment that is created today, I would say this fear is good when the enemy of IndiaFear of heroism is so frightening, it is good to fear when there is fear of bravery of soldiers in the enemy. When fear in fugitives, this fear is good, then it is good to fear that corrupt leaders also suffer from fear of going to jail.

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